Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - 2011 Микроэлектроника


Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - internatiol conference Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственный комитет по науке и технологиям ВАК - Высшая аттестационная комиссия

The 14th International Conference on the Interaction of Radiation with Solids (IRS-2021)

21.09.2021 – 24.09.2021
Minsk, Belarus
Belarusian State University, 
National Academy of Sciences,
Ministry of Education of Belarus,
Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research
Conference Topics:
1. Processes of radiation and plasma interaction with solids.
2. Radiation effects in solids.
3. Modification of material properties.
4. Formation of nanomaterials and nanostructures.
5. Radiation influence on coatings structure and properties.
6. Advances in equipment and technologies.
Important deadlines:
June 10, 2021            – deadline for Registration Form return.
June 10, 2021            – deadline for report submission (report preparation guide).
September 1, 2021 – payment of a registration fee by bank transfer.

Made in nanoelectronics Center and New Materials, SRD BSUIR, commissioned by  Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.