Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - 2011 Микроэлектроника


Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - internatiol conference Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственный комитет по науке и технологиям ВАК - Высшая аттестационная комиссия

8th International Congress on Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects (EFRE)

02.10.2022 - 08.10.2022 
Tomsk, Russia
The Congress will traditionally host four international events:
International Symposium on High Current Electronics (22nd SHCE);
International Conference on Modification of Materials with Particle Beams and Plasma Flows (16th CMM);
International Conference on Radiation Physics and Chemistry of Condensed Matter (20th RPC);
International Conference on New Materials and High Technologies (5th NMHT)
It will be a good platform for researchers to discuss a wide range of scientific, engineering, and technical problems in the fields of pulsed power technologies; ion and electron beams; high power microwaves; plasma and particle beam sources; modification of material properties; pulsed power applications in chemistry, biology, and medicine; physical and chemical nonlinear processes excited in inorganic dielectrics by particle and photon beams; physical principles of radiation-related and additive technologies; self-propagating high-temperature synthesis; and combustion waves in heterogeneous systems, synchrotron and neutron research.

Made in nanoelectronics Center and New Materials, SRD BSUIR, commissioned by  Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.