Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - 2011 Микроэлектроника


Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - internatiol conference Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственный комитет по науке и технологиям ВАК - Высшая аттестационная комиссия

International Forum on 2D Materials and Graphene 2DMATFORUM2024

04.03.2024 - 06.03.2024
 Florence, Italy
Organised by :
Continuum Forums
• Graphene and 2D Materials
• 2D Materials for Aerospace
• Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
• Properties and Applications of 2DMaterials
• Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Graphene
• Growth and Production of Graphene and 2D Materials
• Emerging Trends in Graphene Experiment
• Artificial Graphite and Natural Graphene
• Graphene, Nanosheets, Nanofilms, Nanolayers, and Nanocoatings
• Fundamental Science of Graphene and 2D Materials Beyond Graphene
• Graphene Modification and Functionalization
• Nanotechnologies
• Graphene-Based Nanocomposites: Recent Scientific Studies and Applications
• Graphene-Related Health and Environment Research
• Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures
• Graphene 3D Printing
• Graphene Nano in Energy and Storage
• Graphene Based Polymers
• Electrical, Optical, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Graphene
• High Energy Physics
• Electronics, Photonics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Sensors
• Graphene in Daily Life
Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline February 04, 2024
Earlybird Registration May 04, 2023
Standard Registration September 04, 2023
On-spot Registration March 04, 2024

Made in nanoelectronics Center and New Materials, SRD BSUIR, commissioned by  Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.