Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - 2011 Микроэлектроника


Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - internatiol conference Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственный комитет по науке и технологиям ВАК - Высшая аттестационная комиссия

The 4th edition of the Quantum Matter International Conference – QUANTUMatter 2024

07.05.2024 - 10.05.2024
San Sebastian, Spain
The Phantoms Foundation
The Institut Catala de Nanociencia I Nanotecnologia (ICN2)
The Donostia International Physics Center Foundation (DIPC)
The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)   
Advanced Quantum Communication protocols and Quantum internet
Growth and Characterization of Quantum Materials
Quantum simulation of exotic states of matter
Quantum Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Quantum sensing and applications
Quantum Computing and Technologies
Quantum materials for electronics, photonics and spintronics
Quantum semiconductor devices
Quantum softwares and algorithms
Quantum-inspired toolboxs for finance
Topological quantum computing
Theory of Quantum Materials
Abstract Submission (Oral request) February 12, 2024 

Made in nanoelectronics Center and New Materials, SRD BSUIR, commissioned by  Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.