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IFA Business Days - Matchmaking event "Networking & New contacts" at IFA 2018

31.08.2018 - 05.09.2018
Berlin, Germany
 IFA is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics & home appliances. It offers a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of trade visitors from more than 100 countries.
Besides a b2b-matchmaking, the "IFA Business Days - Networking & New contacts" event will feature business sessions on topics such as "smart living" or "European funding". During the business sessions, international clusters and networks as well as innovative companies and start-ups will have the possibility to pitch their current project ideas. 
The event will be a platform for companies, start- ups and research institutions from all over the world looking for co-development or joint research or project opportunities. 
The main topics of the event are: 
•TV and Home Entertainment
•Smart Home / Home Networks / Robotics / Drones
•Infrastructure: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable
•IT Hardware & Software / VR (Virtual Reality)
•Wearables & Smart Fitness
•Photo / Video
•Car Media
•Household Appliances
•Digital Health
•Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances
•Components and Accessories for Electric Appliances
•Artificial Intelligence
•Data Security
•Future Mobility
•Internet of Things (IoT)
Deadline for Registering 28 Aug 2018

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