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Министерство образования Республики Беларусь Nanomeeting - internatiol conference Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственный комитет по науке и технологиям ВАК - Высшая аттестационная комиссия

"Horizon 2020" Brokerage event at "Riga Comm 2018" fair

Riga, Latvia
Enterprise Europe Network Latvia with the support of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia invites businessmen, researchers, innovators and scientific institutions to participate in an International Brokerage Event devoted to Horizon 2020 - The EU Framework Programmer for Research and Innovation on October 11, 2018.
The Horizon 2020 Matchmaking second time will be run in parallel with the Business Technology and Innovation Fair RIGA COMM 2018, which will take place from 11–12 October at Kipsala International Exhibition Center.
The organizers encourage companies, universities and researchers from all over Europe to participate in the event considering it as a perfect opportunity to share new business or research project ideas and find collaboration partners from industry and academia to participate in Horizon 2020.

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